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Welcome at mikes-modelle!

Here you have the chance to shop from our first class second-hand ship models in scale 1:1250 and to look for your preferred model, free of stress and without any hassle.
Furthermore we offer air craft models for modern plane and helicopter carriers of the post war era.
Also be sure to check our accessories section, where talented hobbyists might find the one or the other useful part.

Collectible product not intended for children under 14 years of age!



New product

GS 39 Meteor   1:1250

GS 39 Meteor 1:1250

26,00 EUR
BI 001 Sea Cloud   1:1250

BI 001 Sea Cloud 1:1250

74,00 EUR
ALK 044 Oker   1:1250

ALK 044 Oker 1:1250

22,00 EUR
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